Husband of slain Nairobi’s prettiest thug gunned down


Months after his partner, both in crime and in love met her death in the hands of the police, Mwaniki aka Mwanii Sparta has  been gunned down in similar fashion.

Mwanii, one of the most wanted criminals in Nairobi, has been gunned down by police alongside an accomplice named Willy at Witeithie Estate in Juja.

Mwaniki, who was with four other people at the time of the ambush, was shot dead after engaging police in a two-hour gun battle. The rest of the gangsters managed to get away.

Police reinforcements were called in from Nairobi and Kiambu counties to end the deadly shoot-out.Realizing that they had been outnumbered, the  gang tried to escape.

“Two of the gang members, a man and a woman, escaped towards ‘Msikitini’ direction and disappeared. The rest tried to run towards Athena but two of them including their leader were gunned down,” explained one resident. The said leader was Mwanii.

Mwanii’s spouse, Claire Mwaniki, had been gunned down earlier on in Kayole after a shootout with the police. Claire, who was referred to as the prettiest gangster, had a son with Mwanii.

Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome has confirmed that the slain suspect is indeed Mwaniki.

Mwanii had managed to elude many police traps, his elusiveness being attributed to his access to insider information regarding impending arrests and is suspected to be behind many police deaths, most of whom he fell out with.

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