Husband ditched me after I developed growth on head


A middle-aged woman from Kiamuringa Village in Embu County, who developed growth on the head, is seeking KSh1 million for treatment after her husband abandoned her following the condition.

Juster Wandiri Nthumbi, 35, has been referred to Kenyatta National Hospital for advanced treatment, but she does not have sufficient funds for treatment.

Ms Nthumbi says a doctor at a Mbeere hospital described her condition as Arteriovenous Malformation, a condition which one of the veins that carry blood to the head developed a hole which has gradually been shedding blood, consequently increasing the size of the tumor to a diameter of 5cm.

The condition has made Ms Nthumbi to partially lose her eyesight; suffer occasional headache and backache, consequently rendering her motionless.

Ms Nthumbi said the problem started as small pimple when she was in Standard Eight. She was treated through embolization, a minimally invasive surgery that was done to reduce blood flow to the head to effectively shrink the tumor.

However, she was forced to end her treatment prematurely because she had run out of money.

Her husband walked out on her when financial burden for treatment became too much to bear, says Ms Nthumbi.

Ms Nthumbi, a trained Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teacher said she was running an ECDE center but the business collapsed after injecting all her resources on treatment.

Ms Nthumbi fears she would completely go blind and eventually lose her life if she is not urgently treated.

She has urged well-wishers to assist her raise funds for treatment. Her family will holda funds drive at Kiamuringa ACK Church In Mbeere South Sub County on Saturday, October 15.

Report by Anthony Muchiro.


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