Huddah moves to Hollywood as she takes beauty brand to America

Top Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe seems to have switched nests and moved her talents and business to the United States of America.

Huddah, who is featured in this month’s issue of Harper’s Baazar, one of the most prestigious fashion and lifestyle magazines in the US, seems to be seeking to take her cosmetics brand global.

“But these days, L.A. (where next year she plans to open a Huddah Cosmetics U.S. flagship stocking her popular liquid lipsticks and eye shadow palettes for darker skin tones) is like a second home to her,” reads the article.

She also tells the magazine that she is diversifying her stock portfolio and has launched a line of flavored cigars.

“Huddah loves local hot spots like Nobu Malibu and the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge (she has her own line of flavored cigars—the band reads hbc, for Huddah the Boss Chick). “L.A. has become so international and so welcoming,” she says. “It gives me the chance to dress up. Every day is like going to an awards show.”

Huddah who has a heavy social following 1.7 million Instagram followers, has turned the Huddah brand of cosmetics into a major business and the lipsticks are a favourite with many young girls and the stock is always sold out and this has made her really, really rich.

“She keeps a compound in Runda Estate, Nairobi’s poshest neighborhood, and has spent the past several months in one of downtown L.A.’s glittering new high-rises, where a posse of basketball stars forms her chosen family,” the Harper’s Bazaar article reveals.

She also does not shy away from her humble beginnings before the fame and fortune.

“It doesn’t hurt that she’s as photogenic as Iman, but Huddah’s success is still a remarkable achievement for a girl born and raised in the slums of Nairobi. “I grew up in a very nice environment,” Huddah deadpans, her deep smoky accent sounding like a cross between Lauren Bacall and Karl Lagerfeld.

“The only thing we had was poverty. The only thing we didn’t have was food. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an independent woman, and I saw an opportunity to start my own business and help other women feel beautiful.”

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