Huddah Monroe: Wahu looked down on me


Huddah Monroe says legendary Kenyan singer Wahu once looked down on her, insinuating that she was a “poor” dancer.

Huddah, who says she is not a fan Wahu’s music, believes no woman beats her twerking game.

During an interview with Kiss FM’s Jeff Mote and Chipukeezy on Wednesday evening, Huddah clearly stated that she doesn’t like Nameless and his celebrity wife Wahu Kagwi.

“Wahu clearly used to say I was not a good dancer and I couldn’t dance for her because she thought I wasn’t qualified,” she said.

The one time Big Brother Africa contestant admitted that she was embittered by the disdainful comments made about her when she was a rookie in the entertainment industry. Huddah says things have changed now that she has become an entertainment bigwig.

Before she became incredibly famous, Huddah was part of a Kenya-Uganda dance troupe – an experience that honed her dancing skills.

The “Boss Lady” says she is working toward building her own business empire.


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