Huddah: I’m an Owner of Four Cars Including Two Range Rovers and Audi Q7

Huddah Monroe

In what has come as an absolute no shocker, popular girl-about-town Huddah Monroe has owned a staggering four fuel-guzzlers and she is not even thirty yet.

The petite Instagram beauty made the sensational revelation on, you guessed it, Instagram last night.

Interestingly, she showed off three of her cars as she ‘preached’ about the pressure people go through to impress on Instagram and revealed how, as she grows older, she doesn’t feel the need to show off her material things anymore.

According to Huddah, she bought her first car when she was just 21 years old; the Range Rover Sport that she turned Pink to resonate with her brand. And caught a lot of flak for it.

‘My first car at 21 was a Range Rover Sport that I turned PINK … PINK defines the Huddah Brand…My second car was a White Range Rover Evoque . My 3rd car,a Black Audi Q7. All because I thought cars defined my value…. and mainly PINK Car For the GRAM! This gram has made people do a lot of things For strangers to applaud them LMFAO!!!!! ‘ she wrote.

The cosmetics entrepreneur further indicated that she does not want to take photos with her newest car which she described as “my giant baby”.

‘ANY-WAYS,it’s just funny how I don’t want to take photos with or next to my latest car these days……….INCREDIBLE how , the older you get the more things LOSE VALUE … The focus is now on something Else… “TO LEAVE A LEGACY” and “To Help the Needy” & “TO Find My Purpose on Earth”…………. ” She added.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah went on on a rambling rant about blessings and prayers and all that while she extolled her followers to focus on things that matter and shun Social Media pressures.

Huddah Monroe

Well, if you owned a Range Rover at 21, you would be more inclined to follow her advice. Unfortunately, at 21, I was dancing semi nude on top of tables at dinghy house parties.

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