How villagers snitched on presidential hopeful nabbed with 445Kgs of bhang

Sololo Sub-County residents were the ones who informed law enforcement officers manning a roadblock on Marsabit-Moyale highway about a suspicious consignment 2013 presidential hopeful, Jeffer Isaak Sori, was transporting in his vehicle.

EDAILY has been reliably told that “during one of his many public gatherings, a group of Sololo residents saw the mheshimiwa’s team loading substances resembling bhang in one of his trademark campaign haulers”.

“A group of men, who were familiar with Sori’s movements yesterday [Wednesday, June 19], called and alerted police, who were manning a roadblock placed at KBC Barrier, 6Kms from Marsabit Town. The group urged the police to insist on inspecting Sori’s vehicle, given most times, the mheshimiwa finds a way of dodging the barricade,” said our source, who spoke to EDAILY on condition of anonymity.

On Wednesday, June 19, police in Marsabit County arrested Sori with bhang worth Ksh13.4 million.

Masarbit police commander Steve Oloo said the suspect unsuccessfully tried every means possible to prevent law enforcement officers from inspecting his vehicle.

Sori, was nabbed on a road block 6 kilometers from Marsabit Town driving a Toyota Prado Landcruiser that was towing a trolley carrying 445 kilograms of bhang valued at Ksh13, 350, 000.

The suspect is expected to be arraigned on Thursday, June 20.

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