How Uganda’s social media tax works

Ugandans have protested a tax imposed on social media users. The tax program came into effect on Monday, June 2.

Students from Makerere University protested against it, saying they do not have a source of income to pay the tax daily.

Controversial scholar Stella Nyanzi collapsed at a Kampala police post, and was rushed to hospital. She had gone to secure the release of two Makerere University students, who had been arrested for protesting against the tax program.

But just how does the frowned upon program work? Well, social media users would be required to pay Ksh5.20 to access WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in and other social networking platforms.

The tax would be paid via mobile service providers after users load their airtime, and have okayed the deduction.

Users would, thereafter, be allowed to access the social platforms for 24 hours, before paying again.

Service providers would, thereafter, remit the social media taxes to Government.


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