How Tahidi High actor Omosh will treat his wives on Valentine’s Day

While many men are stumped about what to do for just one significant other this Sunday, Citizen Television’s Tahidi High actor – Peter ‘Omosh’ Kinuthia – has revealed that he knows what he will do for both his wives.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital, the proud father of four opened up about his family saying, “My family is big, and many people know about it. Wacuka is my first wife, and we have three children. Mumbi is my sweetheart – my second wife – whom I love; we have one child together named Kamau.”

With two adorable ladies expecting his attention on Valentine’s Day, how will Omosh ensure each feels loved and special?

“On Valentine’s Day, I will be on location casting Tahidi High. However, after the exercise, I will treat either of my wives to quality time. It depends on who will be less held up – both are working and they have things moving – so the one who will be available will be my Valentine.”

“Nonetheless, I will send the other one a very nice present.”

But his two wives are not the only women who will get attention from him on this holiday: “I won’t forget my mother. I will send her a very hearty Valentine’s Day gift.”

Chelsea FC supporter

Recounting his secondary school days, the comic revealed that he played football and that he is a staunch Chelsea FC supporter.

“My favourite sport is football. I am a Chelsea FC fan. During my high school days, I played as a goalkeeper on the pitch. I carried on with my hobby to college; and I remember an embarrassing incident on the pitch when I let the ball slip through my legs.”

Omosh studied accounts in college, and even practiced it before later going through a turbulent change of jobs.

“I pursued a course in accounts and landed a job at a small firm which later closed down. I thereafter became a casual labourer. I did a lot of odd jobs that included carrying iron sheets and bricks. My palms consequently got a rough texture. They are testaments to the struggles I went through.”

Times were tough, but ‘Omosh’ stuck it out.

“I later learnt driving and was employed by a businessman as a driver. Additionally, I engaged in other casual work such as sweeping. When the job ended, I engaged in garbage collection to make ends meet. I did it for very long.”

These hard times drove him to prayer: “I asked God: “Will I ever get to the position of being able to enjoy a sumptuous meal?” I was only used to eating madondo and chapo. I had lost hope in life.”

He is now able to afford a hefty meal, and says he has seen the hand of God and His favour through the experience.

Following this experience, ‘Omosh’ was motivated to help others who are also going through a tough time.

Speaking on Inooro TV, the Eastlando-born actor revealed that he currently works with high school children.

“Besides acting, I visit and give motivational talks to students. My main objective of the exercise is to help the students realise their dreams.”


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