How rich is Diamond Platnumz? Singer’s mouthwatering net worth finally revealed


Tanzanian heavy-hitter Diamond Platnumz is a silk-stocking artiste. No one doubts that. What many do not know is his actual net worth.

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Well, speculations which have been blazing over the years have finally come to an end after the Make Me Sing hit-maker revealed to E!TV on Sunday, June 26 his net worth – a whopping USD4 million (KSh405 million).

The colossal amount has not come as a surprise to many, considering Diamond Platnumz is the most paid, decorated and sought-after artiste in Tanzania.

Most of his income comes from his totally sold out shows in Tanzania, East Africa and beyond the region. Diamond Platnumz has also served as Brand Ambassador of quite a number of corporate including: Vodacom, Cocacola, DSTV and Red Gold.

Unconfirmed reports claim Diamond Platnumz charges KSh370, 000 per show in his native Tanzania. When outside Bongo nation, the star wouldn’t take anything less than KSh2.3 million for a performance.

Diamond Platnumz recently landed a deal to advertise Uber taxi operation services.

The award-winning music cog further makes a killing from mobile phone ringtones as his songs are among the most downloaded in East Africa by mobile phone users.

In African Great Lakes region, no musician equals him in selling of ringtones by mobile phone companies.

Diamond Platnumz also harvests revenue from his YouTube channel, considering the videos to his songs easily clock millions of views, hence a huge amount of money earned from YouTube ads.

Diamond Platnumz also owns quite a number of real estate properties such as apartments, land, business premises in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The singer recently launched his record stable Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) which has already began to pay off after he signed top acts such as Rich Mavoko, Harmonize and Raymond.

Music life and growth

Diamond Platnumz started showing interest in music while in standard five. His supportive mum Sanura Kassim ‘Sandra’ bought him albums of different artistes, helped him out in writing lyrics and took him to talent shows; hoping his son would be given a platform to showcase his talent.

For the recording of his first song, Diamond stole his mother’s gold ring and sold it to raise studio money. Currently, the 26-year-old boasts of over 150 songs to his name.

Works he did before music

Diamond Platnumz sold second-hand (mitumba) clothes, was a filling station attendant and was also a freelance photographer which he did to raise studio session money in 2007.


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