How my bedroom lessons have saved many Nairobi marriages-Makau

“My next open session will be on Saturday 19th September in Kileleshwa at 7:30pm. It will be sexually charged!”

“To book your slot book now: 0720 XXX XXX. Fee 3k per person. Only 6 slots are available. It will be an intimate small group.”

Above is Maurice Matheka Makau’s Facebook post inviting his clients to one of his many sex lessons which he says have helped in saving Nairobi women’s homes from wrecking.

Mr Matheka is a certified sex therapist who studied the course in the United Kingdom and has 16 years of practice experience.

He has practiced sex therapy both in United Kingdom and Kenya.

“Kenyans compared to the English people are less exposed when it comes to their sexuality. This has made most Nairobi women subscribe to my classes. My lessons have saved many Nairobi women’s marriages,” he told Citizen Digital.

Maurice says the perception of marriage in Kenya by most people, especially in Nairobi, is akin to being in prison. Maurice adds that most people get into the institution when they have not yet fully learnt about their sexuality.

“A lot of people are forced to learn about sexuality in their marriages which is like taking a nursery student for a PhD exam.”

Maurice says he has schooled Nairobi women who are clueless about what they need to do to sexually satisfy their partners.

“95% of my clients are women who want to learn more about their sexuality. I teach them how to engage in normal life so that their sex life is spiced – you cannot have a bland life expect sex to be enjoyable,” he told.

But why has Maurice decided to focus on women?

He said: “Because women have certain sexual perceptions which tend to confuse them; based on their background, religion, customs, tradition, culture.”

The sex expert however admits that he can only manage to salvage 40 percent of marriages since according to him, that’s the maximum output which can come out of his services.

“Out of all the couples a sexologist meets, you can only save 40%. I find it ridiculous when counselors say they save 90% of marriages – 60% of people in relationships are psychologically outside – my session cannot force one to go home to his partner,” he disclosed.

Sex lesson scheme

Matheka says he starts his lessons by telling his clients that sex has a lot to do with lust, and not love; contrary to what many people think.

He however does not downplay the power of love.

“It’s easier to help couples whose sex lives have died down, but are still in love,” he said.

The sex therapist says he then enrolls his students in classes based on their own dynamics.

“I put them based on their situation– every couple has their own little twist, and what I think is going to work for them; it’s not more like copy-paste for all,” he added.

“There are certain programs I put couples on that have very little to do with sex. During these sessions they are only meant to reconnect. We do this by reminding them of the importance of the things they used to do when they were courting.”

Maurice says he nevertheless has practical lessons for those clients who want to learn from a hands-on perspective.

“In my lessons I have people that I work with whom I have trained, and a lot of my clients have to first watch what the trainers are doing to understand how to connect with their better halves,”

Maurice clarified that the actions by trainers are not performed on the clients:“The clients watch; none of the trainers perform sexual acts on them – I am not running a brothel.”

The bedroom coach revealed the demographics of his clients as women between the ages of 25 and 50.

He added another mode of teaching is by visiting the clients at their homes and running the lessons from those venues.

“Most of my Nairobi based  female clients are often in groups since they prefer learning collectively; when I visit them at the venues of their choice, we hold three-hour lessons about sexuality.”

He added: “All married women I’ve trained often come out very happy and have thanked me for my services. In my career so far, I have helped well over 5,000 couples.”

According to his blog,, one Caroline who was pleased by Mr Matheka’s services wrote: “Since your session with our group, I have had exciting bedroom moments and my hubby is literally over the moon. The things that make you men tick .”

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