How MP used us in witchcraft act to win Aug. 8 poll, man narrates to court


Kevin Murimi, a witness in an election petition filed against Mbeere South MP, Rtd. Colonel Geoffrey King’ang’i, by a former MP hopeful, Kamau Nyutu, told Mbeere South High Court that the legislator used witchcraft to win the Parliamentary seat in the August 8 general election.

While being cross examined by King’angi’s lawyer on Thursday, November 9, Murimi said the MP, on July 22, gave 3000 voters Ksh500 each before calling “well-known” witchdoctors to his Kiritiri farm, where the witchdoctors gave each of the voters a piece of raw meat to eat and pledge that they will vote for King’ang’i, failure of which, “grave consequences will befall them”.

Murimi told Justice Robert Limo that he was a former supporter of King’ang’i before they fell out a few weeks to the August 8 poll.

The witness told the court that he participated in slaughtering a bull the previous night; and that some of the meat was cooked, while the remaining was cut into small pieces and fed to voters, while raw, the following day.

Murimi said he did not eat the meat because he left early before the ritual had begun.

Murimi was put to task to name some of the people who took the uncooked meat but he could not.

He also could not give the names of the witchdoctors whom he alleged administered the oath, saying “although they are well-known, I do not know their names”.

MP King’ang’i vehemently denied the allegations, terming them as “pure lies”.

Kin’gang’i says Murimi was being used by the petitioner, Kamau Nyutu, to “spread falsehoods so as to tilt the case in Kamau’s favour”.

King’ang’i further claimed Murimi had failed to prove the allegations through full proof evidence; and that he was only out in a fishing expedition to malign his name; and also help the petitioner win the case.

Nyutu, a then-Independent candidate, who garnered 2, 810 votes (4.85 percent) in the August 8 poll was fifth in the race for Mbeere South MP, whereas Jubilee Party’s Kingangi, who won the seat, amassed 18,225 votes (31.77 percent).

Nyutu filed a petition claiming King’ang’i was not legally declared the winner of the Mbeere South Parliamentary seat and that there were illegalities and irregularities in the election.

Nyutu wants the court to annul King’ang’i’s win in the August 8 poll.

The case will be mentioned on January 24, 2018.




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