How man’s forty days of deceiving men into believing he is woman came to an end

A 28-year-old Ugandan man, who masqueraded as a woman, has been arrested for fleecing unsuspecting men of their money.

Ivan Bebeto is being held at Katwe Police Station in Kampala after several men claimed that he took money from them under false pretenses.

They described him as a ‘woman’ who looked effulgent, especially when he donned short skirts, make up and wigs.

eDaily has learnt that Bebeto – who adopted a feminine name, Queen – has operated in several cities across East and Central Africa including Nairobi (Kenya), Kampala (Uganda), Bujumbura (Burundi) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).

“It is not easy to discover that he is a man because he knows how to groom himself to look persuasively woman-like. He wears feminine perfume and when he goes clubbing, he hangs out predominantly with women, especially commercial sex workers,” a source said.

Bebeto’s forty days

Bebeto’s forty days came to an end recently after a man who was interested in him paid for sexual favours, believing she is a woman.

Bebeto kept rebuffing the man’s advances, giving numerous reasons why he could not sleep with the man.

According to sources, Bebeto initiated communication with the wealthy-looking man, and they agreed on the amount that he was to be paid. The wealthy man then reportedly paid the amount in advance.

When the supposed customer asked Bebeto to accompany him to a guest room in Kampala, Bebeto said he could not go, claiming he felt more comfortable in a room he is familiar with, and thus asked the supposed customer to accompany him to a room where he kept his items.

The supposed customer, however, feared for his safety and suspected that Bebeto could be a criminal disguising as a twilight girl. He therefore, alerted the police at Katwe post who swiftly apprehended the suspect.

When police interrogated Bebeto, they were shocked to discover that he is actually a man.

The bizarre news reached residents of Katwe area, who flocked the police station to see the ‘female’ man who has been stealing from men through deception.

However, the residents found it hard to believe that Bebeto is a man, given his feminine appearance – even after his wig was taken off.

Bebeto recorded a statement and his case was filed under OB number REF/04/11/2016 at the Katwe Police Station.


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