How I respond to those who criticise my looks, Rio bronze medalist Margaret Nyairera


In a candid interview on Citizen Television Friday night, Rio 2016 800 meters bronze winner Margaret Nyairera Wambui revealed that she often faces criticism from “insensitive” people over her looks.

Ms Nyairera, a female athlete with high testosterone levels, told Lillian Muli that no one would crash her self-esteem.

“I vowed not to be intimidated by anything, so long as I am human just like other people. I am out there to showcase my talent,” she said.

“I have learnt how to deal with harsh criticism from people. When some people meet me for the first time, they make heartbreaking remarks [about my looks]. But when they get to know me more, they can’t help but love the person that I am. So, when I meet insensitive people, I would let them say all that they want, but what I know, they certainly will become my fans over time,” added 21-year-old Ms Nyairera.

She says despite few negative people throwing the kitchen sink at her, a majority of society loves her.

“I came to realise I have many fans in Kenya, and my philosophy is: ‘when a majority supports me, I ignore the minority’.”

Ms Nyairera revealed quite a number of men have approached her for a relationship but she says she is not ready since she is “still working toward making her life stable.”

Margaret Nyairera Wambui won bronze in 1:56.89 in 800 metres race in Rio 2016.

Caster Semenya of South Africa took the gold medal in the Olympic 800 metres in August 20 in a personal best time of 1:55.28 seconds while Burundi’s Francine Niyonsaba finished in 1:56.49 seconds to claim silver medal.

Watch Ms Nyairera’s interview:


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