How couple who wed for KSh100 spent their honeymoon, businessman offers them another lucrative honeymoon package

The wedding ceremony of Nairobi couple Wilson Mutura, 26, and Ann Wambui, 24, got social media abuzz Wednesday when Kenyans online learnt that the event cost KSh100 only.

Mutura and Wambui tied the knot on Sunday, January 22 – and thereafter, proceeded to their Mwiki home in Kasarani for their honeymoon.

“We went home, cooked ugali and sukuma wiki, ate and slept. There was nothing special that we did on our honeymoon,” said Mutura.

eDaily can authoritatively confirm that a businessman has expressed interest in sponsoring Mutura and Wambui’s honeymoon.

The newlyweds would be flown to Mombasa, where they’ll put up at a posh hotel for a week as they enjoy the Kenyan coast experience.

Pastor Jasper Ojwach of Community Christian Worship Centre in Kasarani, Nairobi officiated Wambui and Mutura’s wedding.

Pastor Ojwach says the budget of the wedding was KSh100 since Mutura and Wambui only bought rings – each of the two rings valued at KSh50, and the church footed cost incurred in processing their marriage certificate.

Pastor Ojwach took to Facebook to share the photos of the couple’s wedding, captioning the pictures: “May the Lord Almighty bless your marriage Ann and Wilson Mutura. I hereby present to you Mr and Mrs Wilson Mutura Wanjohi!”

Pastor Ojwach’s post attracted over 570 likes, 330 comments and 515 shares.

eDaily caught up with Pastor Jasper Ojwach, who shared the love story of Ann Wambui and Wilson Mutura.

“Their wedding took place at our church, Community Christian Worship Centre, in Kasarani area, Nairobi on Sunday, January 22. The two exchanged vows after the sermon. They chose to do their wedding like that because of their financial position. It is quite a long story.

“They did not just wake up on a Sunday and decide to be joined together. They have been in a relationship for three years now. I knew them when the guy joined our church after he relocated to the city from Nyahururu.

“After some time, Mr Mutura presented his wish to marry Ann. In the beginning, they never wanted to have that big wedding, and so they requested my counseling on that. They were to have their wedding in December, 2016 that was organised by the church, but due to then-unforeseen circumstances, we had to postpone the wedding date.

“They had already followed the processes before marriage, such as meeting parents of either family before tying the knot. I got in touch with the families of both Ann and Wilson.

“After that, I promised to preside over a simple wedding for them. It wasn’t supposed to be so simple as it turned out. It was supposed to involve presence of few things such as the cake, bridesmaids etc. The guy did whatever he could and asked me to officiate their wedding because they had already gotten the blessings of their parents.

“I took them through a series of counseling before letting them exchange their wedding vows. And now they are wedded. Interestingly, they had no best man or bridesmaid in plan, but two congregants stood up on the day of the wedding and offered to take up the two roles.

“And there followed the exchange of vows and rings, and we were happy for them. They are doing well, they are very much okay. My heart is so much passionate about the young generation. I have to admit I am satisfied.”

Mr and Mrs Mutura are currently operating a business of selling fruits, jointly, in Kasarani area.

Ann relocated to the city from Nyahururu to join her husband.

“Even if they bought the rings for KSh10, it doesn’t matter. What matters is they are now married, and I already blessed the rings,” said Pastor Ojwach.

Kenyans took to social media to appreciate Mr and Mrs Mutura unalloyed love.

Festus Muasya said: “This is so humbling. It is God who ordains and sustains marriages, not money.”

Dorcas Waihenya added: “Wow! Amazing. Congratulations to this couple. Harusi imetesa wengi sana. People should see this, especially ladies.”

Lusher Paulo wrote: “Indeed God is great. Their life will never be same again. God will open doors for them. Such a moving wedding!”

Tabby Kits was impressed. She commented: “Wow! Amazing and lovely couple. May God bless them. This is just out of world experience. It is unique and beautiful.”

Sarah Joshu used Mr and Mrs Mutura’s experience to offer nuggets of wisdom. She said: “People complicate weddings. It should be done within your means, and everyone would afford to exchange the wedding vows. May God bless these true lovebirds.”



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