Hopekid opens up on almost quitting Gospel music after sex scandal

Singer Simon Peter Wambua, popularly known as Hopekid, has finally come out to address life as a Gospel artist following the sex scandal drama.

The singer was early in the year adversely mentioned – alongside industry colleague DK Kwenye Beat – as having taken advantage of a girl from Nakuru sexually and infected her with an STI.

Speaking on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto on Saturday, the ‘Perfect’ hitmaker talked of dealing with church rejection and being at the edge of ditching the Gospel music industry for the secular side after the allegations hit headlines.

“Around February when nilikuwa kwenye  scandal, nilikumbana na a lot of rejection from the church, na hiyo time nilijiuliza nikotaka hapa niende Two Rivers juu kanisa wamenifukuza, zile mizinga zitarudishwa kwa meza yangu na mafans ni mingi sana.”

[When I was involved in a scandal around February, I faced a lot of rejection from the church; and I asked myself if I left then and went to Two Rivers, the bottles (presumably of booze) that will be sent to my table by my fans are very many.]

However, according to the singer, he opted not to quit because “God did not offend me, human beings did, so why would I stop singing for Him?”

Hopekid further revealed that he opted to cut fellow singer JFam from his latest release – ‘Control Me’ – despite having already recorded and shot the video because he (Hopekid) did not like his (JFam’s) verse.



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