HIV positive couple selling kids over high cost of living


By Edwin Musalia 

A family in Trans-Nzoia County is now calling upon any person or couple interested in a child to consult with them as they want to dispose of their two children, citing the high cost of living and hardship they are facing as a family as the reason for wanting to sell their children.

Jacob Angusi and his wife, Susan Angusi, from Tuwani area in Saboti Constituency, now say that poverty has caught the better of them and that they cannot watch as their two children, aged three and nine years, suffer.

According to the desperate couple, who are HIV/AIDS victims, it is better for them to sell their offspring to a family that will provide basic needs for them instead of them suffering at the hands of their own parents.

“Because of the life my family is going through now, I have decided to sell my children. Life has been so hard for us. I have been jobless since last year. My children go hungry; we have been chased from one rental house to another,” said Mr. Angusi.

Mr. Angusi, who told the Citizen Digital that he has been living with HIV/AIDS for seven years now, said that he had opted to kill his family and then kill himself to end the hustles.

“Our children are always crying because of hunger. We have decided that instead of doing something silly like even killing them, it is better to give them to a capable family,” added the wife.

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