High-flying Tanzanian artiste advice to Kenyans during the Party primaries and ahead of general polls – VIDEO

High-flying Tanzanian singer Darassa of the Muziki fame has appealed to Kenyans to embrace peace during the ongoing party primaries and also on and after August 8 general election.

Speaking exclusively to eDaily’s Brian Okoth on Thursday, April 27, Darassa, who is in Kenya for the first time, marveled at Nairobi’s beauty, and urged the citizens to ensure there is peace during the electioneering period to avoid taking the country steps back in terms of development.

“It is my first time in Kenya and Nairobi in particular. I had cancelled my flights, two times, before but finally I am here. Kenyans, you have a lovely city, you are good people. What is now required of you is to continue loving each other. If the love among you is little, increase it.

“From the airport (JKIA) all the way to Citizen TV communication centre, I met good people. Smiles are permanently engrained on Kenyans’ faces. I believe you are living in a good country that anyone would want to inhabit.

“Look at how beautiful and developed Nairobi is! If Kenyans would fight among themselves, then they would be dragging the country behind; you will be ruining the future of young children; you’d risk losing a number of women.

“Kenyans can learn a lot from what is going on in Syria currently. You can ask your neighbour: “What would really happen if you choose to run with faulty brakes?” Kindly avoid situations and factors that would make you fight each other. Politics is here to stay, but your life is not permanent; guard it jealously. You are all Kenyans; never fight one another due to elections. Let us vote peacefully, let us follow the rules for the sake of future generations. There will be life after us,” said Darassa.

The singer is in Kenya for a performance slated for Sunday, April 27 at Nairobi’s B-Club.

He is currently riding high with the track Muziki, which has been watched over seven million times on YouTube.

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