High drama, shocking admissions as man gets caught with Form 3 girl in lodging


There was high drama at a Kitengela guest house in Kajiado County Saturday when a 23-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl were caught stark naked in one of the rooms.

Acting on a tip-off, police ambushed and arrested the couple.

It, however, took the law enforcement officers much time to whisk the lovers away due to a huge crowd that had milled at the guest house to catch a glimpse of the disgraced pair.

The male suspect, Patrick Kamau, said he has been in a sexual relationship with the teenager, a Form Three student at Kibirigwi Girls’ Secondary School in Kirinyaga County, for two years now.

The minor told police that she was “deeply in love” with Kamau, and that she was the one who planned they meet at the lodging to have sex.

The girl told the law enforcement officers that she sneaked into the guest house using the backdoor, “was the first to undress my boyfriend, caressed him, unclothed myself and initiated the sexual intercourse”.

Some of the guest house attendants spotted her getting into one of the rooms in school uniform, and alerted the police.

The high schooler, says she “was having fun”, and that her lover should be pardoned.

Kamau, who claims to be a professional chef, will be arraigned on Monday.

Meanwhile, medical examination would be conducted on the girl to establish whether she was indeed sexually penetrated.

The suspects are being held at the Kitengela Police Station.

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