Hey men, will you please stop peeing in public?

Men should stop peeing on the street

This article has nothing to do with feminism but if feminism is what it will take to get men to stop peeing in public then hell yeah, it is as feminist as they come.

I used to associate peeing in public with drunkenness. I excused it. People have done worse under influence. Alcohol impairs the judgment and if you can fall asleep in a ditch you can take a wall for a toilet bowl, true? But as I grew up I realised that this stinky behavior is a trend that has established itself in the masculine society. It is like an unwritten code that men just have to pee in public, and few things are more heartbreaking.

If a grown woman dressed decently and looking all dignified was walking down a well-trafficked street, then she suddenly decides she cannot hold it back anymore, and just moves a bit to the side and squats and does her thing, it would cause a public uproar.

People will gasp and clasp their hearts at such an indecent show of blatant rudeness. Children will scream and point, other ‘ladylike’ ladies will clutch at their skirts and flee, men will shake their heads in disbelief, photos will be taken and people will furiously post on Facebook. KOT will be livid.

So who sat down and decided that it is okay for even seemingly well-dressed men, in business suits that scream opulence and candor to just answer their calls in public view? Who is bending laws of civility this way? I am under the impression that if you have the effrontery to pee against the wall in broad daylight and in public view, under the right circumstances you can also have a long call in the same place. I mean, what is to prevent you from doing that? NOTHING!

Men, stop it. It’s not cool. Imagine the plight of a young girl who has to watch you do your thing in the street and be embarrassed for both of you, and try to look away, or look down, or just abandon the road altogether.

You see, because of our unfairly different plumbing, men can just walk into a stall and do their thing – in and out, no queues, no squats (some women do not do those famed squats because they already squat enough in public toilets). So it makes one wonder why it is men again who have to foul our walls with your urine al fresco, it is traumatising I tell you, and depressing too.

I am not ordering here, I am just humbly requesting, for my peace of mind and of many others, that men find it in their hearts and in their runaway bladders, to please stop peeing in public. I believe I also speak for environment lovers, human rights activists, boy child empowerment organisations, Maendeleo ya Wanaume if there is such a thing, the late Prof. Wangari Maathai in this request. Do not pee in public and if you must, please be discreet about it.

This is a matter of self-respect and respect for people who are around you, especially kids – poor little souls. You just don’t stop the car in the middle of the road to proceed to pee right beside the road in the view of everyone, guys. You just don’t get out of your car in the middle of a traffic jam and go to pee by the roadside, who are your mothers though?

Oh, and before you blame it on kidney conditions and disease, just remember that a good number of women suffer from the same conditions and would only resort to seeking a very hidden place to answer a pressing call if it they have exhausted all available, more decent options. Everybody has a right to streets and roads that do not stink of human urine.


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