Here are 4 ways your phone can cause drama in your relationship

While our phones are handy devices, they can, at times, be the cause of conflict in relationships.

Often, simple habits tend to drive rifts between people. Here are four ways your phone can cause drama in your relationship:

Using your phone during dates

Scenario: You’ve anticipated meeting your significant other for the whole week, and when they are finally seated across from you at the coffee house, they barely look up from their phone.

Your conversation is punctuated by the constant buzz of their phone; so much so that you feel you are the intruder in the conversation she or he is having with the person on the other end of the line.

So, how would you feel? Terrible, right?

Constantly being on your phone during dates makes your partner feel ignored, often prompting them to feel angry. So, avoid this sin by putting your phone on silent mode during dates, or put it away from your line of vision.

Walking out to take phone calls

Scenario: You are seated in the living room watching news with you loved ones and their phone rings. You reach for the remote and turn down the volume only to realise that they have already scampered out of the room. In the corridor, the conversation continues in hushed tones.

In the following weeks, you realise that your partner never takes phone calls when you are in close proximity –a habit that they never had previously.

What would this make you think? You’d probably suspect that something untoward was going on, otherwise, why would they go so far out of their way to pick an innocent phone call?

Seemingly secretive behaviour rouses unnecessary suspicion, causing people to doubt each other, even when nothing is going on. You don’t have to take every call on loudspeaker, but you don’t need to give your partner reasons to be suspicious.

Chatting with other people late

Scenario: You have retired to bed and instead of sleeping; your spouse is busily typing away on WhatsApp for nearly an hour. You check the time and you realise that it past 11pm.

“Honey, who are you chatting with at this hour?” you ask.

“A friend,” she responds blandly.

“Which one and what is it that cannot wait until morning?” you question.

Her response is radio silence.

After a long day at work and school, evenings are meant to family time. Unless there is an emergency, courtesy dictates one lets friends/ colleagues the opportunity to spend that time with their family. Let’s face it: late night conversations are often deemed suspicious and intrusive.

Uploading another man’s/woman’s photos

Scenario: Last month a hilarious screen shot made rounds online. An undisclosed lady was being quizzed about why she made a certain news anchor her WhatsApp profile by her significant other.

Claiming that it was an innocent admiration of the journalist, the lady said that he is her role model. This notwithstanding, she was asked to pull down the newsman’s photo.

Though most people do not go to the extent of making other people’s images their profile photos, uploading cosy pictures with members of the other gender could put your relationship in jeopardy.  Take pictures with friends, but maintain a respectful space.

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