Help single mums deal with deadbeat dads, singer tells Vice President

Tanzanian singer Snura Mushi has pleaded with Vice President Samia Suluhu to intervene on behalf of Tanzaian single mums.

Snura said that many deadbeat dads run away from their families, leaving women the sole burden of looking after the children reports Tanzania’s Risasi Mchanganyiko.

“I am asking Ms Samia because she is a mother like me to help us solve this tragedy for it is advancing and becoming a trend. She should recognize us, for we are tired as women,” Snura said.

The mother of two has opened up about her personal life saying, “The fathers of my children have left me the responsibility. The first man left when I was 2 weeks pregnant while the other has never contributed anything since the child was born,” she divulged.

So what should be done to “deadbeat dads” who skip town, denying responsibility for children they sired?

“DNA tests should be done in different hospitals for men who deny responsibility, when such laws are passed this tragedy will fade out,” she said.

She asked the government to ensure that police take action when women report irresponsible fathers. The singer asked the VP to ensure that men support their children.

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