Heavy backlash forces Size 8 to change tune in Hopekid, DK sex saga


Gospel musician Size 8 has now changed tune on her support for her colleagues, Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat, after she received heavy flak for coming across as siding with the artistes accused of sexually exploiting a young woman.

Size 8 had, earlier on Friday, urged her Instagram followers to “forgive” Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat, because their actions manifested at a time they hadn’t received salvation.

“People are going through so many things; you cannot judge them [Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat] from just the surface. Love is what people need more than ever. After talking to DK, I also talked to the lady in question after finally getting her contact. She is such a nice lady. And, yes, for sure, she is in great pain. I really feel her. After our talk, she, at least, felt the love of Jesus Christ,” said Size 8 in an Instagram post, which she has since pulled down.

“… And, I believe she is going to be a great woman very soon. The journey of healing starts with one step. And by God’s grace, I am walking with her, [given] total healing is a process. To DK, Hopekid and the young lady, the devil is the greatest enemy here trying to destroy these three star(s) with his rubbish. Ashindwe in Jesus Name!”

This message, however, backfired spectacularly on her, forcing her to change tune on her stance.

In a subsequent statement, Size 8 said she “unequivocally rejects DK Kwenye Beat’s actions, and those by any person that in any way inhibit the rights or safety of another human being”.

The “Mateke” hit-maker claims her first statement was released from a point of lack of knowledge.

“More facts have emerged during and after the interview [I had with DK],” said Size 8.

“We pray that justice may prevail and that the girl in the story shall get a full and comprehensive recovery – of both mind and body.”

Size 8’s change of posture comes on the back of a statement by the Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya, FIDA, revealing they are prepared to sue the DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid upon request of the alleged sexual offense victim.

The accused artistes on Thursday night addressed claims that they sexually took advantage of a then-20-year-old video model, who hails from Nakuru.

The lady recently came out on Telegram to allege that she met with DK and Hopekid several times in 2018, where, in one occasion, the two musicians had sex with her in turns.

The lady revealed that she knew DK and Hopekid via private message platform on Instagram.

According to her, DK would, two months later, call her again to Nairobi, where they had unprotected sex and, as a result, she contracted Herpes and Human Papilomavirus (HPV).

The lady claims at the time, it was only DK, whom she had had unprotected sex with.

According to her, she incurred medical costs of at least Ksh25, 000 in treatment of the STDs.

Both musicians have come out to claim that they “sinned” at a time they hadn’t known God, and that they are “repentant”.



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