Headteacher arrested for ‘slapping’ parent


The headteacher of Brilliant Primary School in Kiambu has been arrested for allegedly slapping a female parent after a dispute.

According to police reports, the incident took place on Wednesday morning at Gikambura area.

The suspect is said to be in custody at Kikuyu Police Station with the identity of the parent yet to be established.

Sources intimated that the parent visited the school in Kiambu to request the headteacher for a refund of payment made for a school trip.

She apparently wanted to use the funds to buy a tracksuit for her child as per school regulations.

The headteacher reportedly became infuriated saying he could not understand her request.

He apparently slapped her and then ordered that she be escorted out of the premises.

The parent screamed for help claiming was being accosted by three male teachers who then forced her outside the school gate.

The school management has apparently not taken responsibility for the incident.

Other parents later staged a demonstration outside the institution in Kiambu calling for the immediate transfer of the headteacher .

The headteacher is to be arraigned in court to answer to assault charges.



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