He wiped away sweat with Ksh1000 note: Willy Paul money splash on live TV sparks outrage – VIDEO


Gospel singer Willy Paul on Friday, June 9, splashed Citizen Television’s 10 Over 10 live audience with money, sparking online fury, especially after he wiped away sweat with a thousand Kenyan shilling note.

The Digiri hit-maker, who was the last guest to perform on the show, dished out money to a section of the excited audience, consequently disrupting tranquility and order as the crowd fought to get at least a thousand Kenyan shilling note from the singer.

At one point Willy Paul said, since he was sweating “profusely” following the performance, he had not no choice but to wipe away sweat using Ksh1000 note because he had not carried his handkerchief. Willy Paul went on to give out the money he had wiped away sweat with.

Toward the end of the show, the singer “took control” of the programme as he picked up the role of calming the live audience that was cheering him on to give more money.

The host, Willis Raburu, had a difficult time interviewing the gospel artiste, who at the time was carrying money in a thousand Kenyan shilling denominations on his hand.

After Raburu wrapped up the interview, Willy Paul threw money in the air, creating mayhem in the studio as the live audience scrambled to grab at least a note.

Willy Paul said the inspiration behind his new song Digiri is the disapproval of emphasis put on education as the key to success, saying no human being needs a document such as a degree to access heaven.

Willy Paul added that despite not being nominated in the Groove Awards for two consecutive years, he is still the best gospel artiste in Africa, following his Afrimma award, which he won in October, 2016.

The following are samples of online users’ reactions to Willy Paul’s stunt:

J.P. Muiruri Ndungu: Willy Paul has gone too far. He should know that pride comes before a fall.  He needs to tread carefully.

Duncan Gachuru: This is too much. One should never wipe away sweat with money. I have never seen people who have a lot of money do that.

Rajab Abdallah: Willy Paul, if you want people to know that you have a lot of money as your acts indicate, why not do something people will surely see and congratulate you for? Build a church or put up an orphanage, man! And not what you are doing.




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