He is not my son, says Kabogo as he lays bare man’s underhand deals


Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has disowned a social media user who goes by the moniker Tony Kabogo.

The former county chief accused the said-Tony of “fraud” and “impersonation”.

Taking to his Facebook page on Friday, February 8, William Kabogo said: “This guy is a fraud and impostor. He is NOT my son. He is a conman; be aware. If you spot him, report to the nearest police station.”

Screengrab of William Kabogo’s February 8 Facebook post. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Screengrab of William Kabogo’s February 8 Facebook post. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

In an interview with EDAILY on Saturday, February 9, the ex-governor revealed the circumstances under which he found out about the said-Kabogo’s alleged fraudulent activities.

“I have been meant to understand that his name is not even Tony Kabogo,” said William Kabogo.

“The man has been duping people into giving him money – to the tune of hundreds of thousands – under the guise that he would enable them to get National Government tenders, facilitate their recruitment into the army and award them ministerial jobs.

“So far, I have gathered that most of his victims come from Thika, Kiambu and Milimani areas. I also understand that his key targets are women. Actually, most of the complainants, who have filed reports with the police, are women; he has hit several of them. Maybe, he chooses softer targets; I, honestly, don’t know why.

“I also understand that he still has several fraudulent deals that he sealed, which are yet to materialise.

“My big question is: Why are Kenyans easy targets for fraudsters? I think shida ni tamaa ya Wakenya. Somebody somewhere wants to become an overnight millionaire. No, millionaires are not products of instant workload and luck. Gullibility and greed would be the end of some of us.

“I got to find out about the so-called Tony guy, when a person – I presume his target – called me on phone on Friday, and asked me if I knew the Tony Kabogo guy; and whether it was true that he is my son. The caller from Thika told me that he was on the verge of sending the said-Tony guy hundreds of thousands of shillings to secure a State tender. I, immediately, discouraged him against proceeding with the ‘deal’.

“I, thereafter, took to social media to warn my followers against falling into the trap of the said-Tony Kabogo guy. I am aware that I have quite a huge online following, and when I shout on those platforms, somebody somewhere would get the message.

“Reports filed by several victims at Kiambu, show that the said-Tony Kabogo has duped them into parting with hundreds of thousands – in one case, he allegedly took a victim’s Ksh200, 000 and in another incident, he swindled Ksh400, 000 from another person.

“I have filed a report at Kiambu Police Station, and I am hopeful that in the next 2 to 3 days, he would have been arrested. I would really want to meet him face-to-face and tell him that the name ‘Kabogo’ is not a takataka that anyone can play with. Ameharibu watu sana.”

William Kabogo said several people have since come out to allege that they fell victim to the said-Tony Kabogo’s fraudulent schemes after he disowned him [Tony] on Facebook.

EDAILY reached the said-Tony Kabogo on Facebook messenger, but he was yet to respond by the time of going to press.

We, as a result, could not – immediately – verify William Kabogo’s allegations.


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