Harmonize’s ex-lover Jacqueline Wolper gets saved, relocates to Kenya


Tanzanian actress Jacqueline Wolper has announced that she is now born again.

Jacqueline Wolper, who is musician Harmonize’s ex-lover, has also revealed that she has relocated to Kenya.

The Bongo Movies star says her decision to get saved was triggered by the knowledge that there is life after death, and that she wants to go to heaven.

“I have decided to seek refuge in God. I am sure by doing that, I would be in safe hands; and my endeavors and plans would succeed. About my [unchristian-like] dressing, I don’t think that should be an issue. Nowadays, people get saved in modern fashion,” Jacqueline Wolper told Tanzania’s Motomoto News.

The actress says she has relocated to Kenya to study a course on beauty.

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