Harmonize attacks journalist at police station


Tanzanian musician Rajab Abdul Kahali, popularly known as Harmonize, attacked a journalist at Central Police Station in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, February 6 in a bid to stop him [journalist] from taking videos of him.

Harmonize was summoned to the station for interrogation on drug abuse claims, Bongo 5 says.

During his arrival at the police post at 8:30am, the “Fire Waist” musician smashed a camera of a video journalist before running toward the station’s reception area.

Harmonize, who is facing bhang abuse allegations, arrived in Tanzania from South Africa last weekend, and was ordered by Dar es Salaam regional commissioner, Paul Makonda, to present himself to any nearby police station to respond to allegations of drug abuse.

Authorities also wanted Harmonize to explain a picture he had posted to his social media page, which showed him blowing smoke out of his mouth, with the law enforcement agents suspecting that the smoke was emanating from marijuana.

The findings in Harmonize’s interrogation remain unknown.

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