Guango House 9: Where Riverside terror plot was hatched

One of the attackers had been living at the Guango Estate, Ruaka, coughing up more than Ksh.40, 000 a month according to police reports shared with Citizen TV.

Officers who stormed house No E9 where the attacker had been living in discovered a hole dug in the house which had acted as a makeshift armory.

A witness, who claims to have been living next-door, described the attacker as a friendly man who was cordial with his neighbors but was rarely in the house.

“He would normally say ‘hi’ to everyone, but no one knew him well since he was always in and out of the house,” a witness told Citizen TV.

Police believe the terror attack at Dusit2 Hotel was planned at the Guango House Number 9.

The car, which was used in the attack, was recognised by neighbours, who called the police following the circulation of images from the attack.

The house in question has since been cordoned off and officers are in pursuit of friends of the attacker to aid in probe.

The landlord of the house, where the terrorist stayed in, is being looked for by the police. A cache of weapons was recovered in the operation.

Earlier in the day, President Uhuru Kenyatta, in his address to the nation, said that the threat had been neutralised and over 700 people rescued.

He also said that 14 people had perished in the attack, with scores sustaining injuries.

Citizen Digital previously reported that the attackers had visited the scene of the crime days before carrying out the heinous attack.

A waiter, who spoke to the press, recounted serving one of the attackers before the attack. Two days later, he was to see the same man spray six of her workmates at the hotel with bullets

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