Groom dies on way to his wedding


A somber mood engulfed mourners who converged at Kalobe-Iyunga in Mbeya, Tanzania over the weekend to bury their friend, relative and colleague who passed on after being involved in a road accident on his way to his wedding.

Gesson Ngassala, who was to tie the knot with his pregnant fiancée Felister Ngowi, died on June 21, says Ijumaa newspaper.

According to a source close to the deceased’s family, Mr Ngassala had already paid dowry and seen his fiancée off at Kuala Lumpur Hall in Dar es Salaam.

He thereafter decided to head home (Mbeya) to his parents to finalise his wedding arrangements which was scheduled for June 23.

Ijumaa reports a few hours to his wedding – and while he was on his way home –, he got involved in a road accident at Ilembula area in Iringa.

Mr Ngassala lost control of his car and careened off the road before rolling several times and dying on the spot.

An eye witness said he got the phone number of the deceased’s father from Mr Ngassala’s phone and called the old man to inform him of the demise of his son. The dad collapsed upon receiving the heartbreaking news, while Ngassala’s mother was left reeling in shock.

“It pains deeply. I was a close friend to Felister. I knew her fiancé when we were students at a teachers’ training college in Mpwapwa Dodoma between 2011 and 2013,” said a source quoted by the news outlet.




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