Granny reveals the instructions she gave President Uhuru when gifting him sugar cane

What gift does one give a man who has nearly everything?

This was the question that Cucu Njeri asked herself when she heard that President Uhuru Kenyatta was visiting her village, Ndigu-ini.

The Head of State had gone to the sleepy village to inspect an electrification project, and while the he met Cucu Njeri.

Speaking to eDaily, the now famous granny was still visibly excited about the once in a lifetime experience.

“Me Njeri! I touched President Uhuru Kenyatta with my own hand! I thank God!” she said, looking at the picture that captured that moment.

In true African fashion, Cucu Njeri did not want to meet the imminent guest empty handed when she heard about his visit.

“I looked for something worthy to give him…I thought about it extensively, and I decided to gift him sugar cane,” she said.

Walking for over a kilometer, Cucu Njeri tried to get close to ‘Kamwana’ so she could deliver her gift, but Uhuru’s bodyguards stood in the way.

“They tried to hold me back, insisting that I could not give President Uhuru Kenyatta the sugar cane. That upset me a little,” he narrated.

Not easily deterred, the elderly lady pressed on, pushing through the crowd to get a moment with President Kenyatta.

The picture that captured her encounter was posted on Uhuru’s Facebook page, attracting hundreds of re-shares and responses.

Even Cucu Njeri marvels when she looks at it. “It’s me! That is me and Mheshimiwa!” she exclaimed when we showed her the image.

So, what did she tell Uhuru as she gifted him the sugar cane?

“Give this to Ngina and eat it with her. Greet your mother and tell her that I was detained with her,” she recounted.

Still ecstatic about her meeting with Uhuru, Cucu Njeri says that she thanks God for orchestrating the marvelous meeting.

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