Gramps Morgan’s claim of losing phone aboard Kenyan airplane sparks social media firestorm

Morgan Heritage group member Gramps Morgan claimed he lost his phone aboard a Kenyan airplane last week – and Kenyan social media users did not take it kindly.

Gramps said he was traveling to Nairobi – but did not disclose his country of origin.

“I lost my iPhone on a Kenyan airplane coming to Nairobi. I need my phone so much work to do Jah know the screen was cracked but it still worked lol,” wrote Gramps on Facebook.

With tribalism taking centre stage on his timeline – and a tirade directed at him for “insinuating that Kenyans are thieves”, Gramps Morgan was forced to intervene.

“I wonder why we love to attack each other for simple things the phone was lost NOT stolen and thank God the Kenyan airplane attendants found my phone and I’m back online. Let’s stay focused on positive thoughts we thank God.”

Gramps Morgan’s purpose of Kenyan visit remains unknown.

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