Grace Msalame’s heartfelt message to her twins

How fast time flies… this is a thought Grace Sowairina Msalame seems to be having on her mind after her twins turned 5 on Tuesday (April 12).

The proud mother posted a heartwarming message to her daughters on her blog on their fifth birthday, wondering where ‘all the years have gone’.

She said: “My Princesses are 5!! God is truly faithful! I’m always amazed at how fast they grow. There’s no other sure way to notice how fast time moves than when you’re watching your kids grow…”

The mother of twins has clearly spent her time getting to learn her children; she explained their personalities in detail, and with obvious pride.

“Zawadi is a go-getter! ‘Fear’ and ‘can’t’ are not words that exist in her vocabulary… I wish I could take credit for that, but that’s probably more like her father and a whole lot of Zawadi!” she said.

“Raha takes her time to warm up to things just like Mommy. It takes a bit of time for us to try something new, leave alone enjoy it, but when we do, we may overdo it,” she added.

Msalame acknowledged that raising her children is always an honor, saying: “Raising multiples five years on… Blessed beyond measure! What an honor it is to have them call me mom, they ultimately belong to God and He chose me to raise them! All I have is gratitude upon gratitude!”



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