Grace Msalame – What next after Radio Africa stint?


That she is one of the most accomplished media personalities comes as an understatement in reference to the incredibly gifted and beautiful Grace Msalame.

Grace has not only hosted a number of shows on television, but she has also had a stint at Vivo Activewear as a brand ambassador.

The mother of two first came into the limelight at just 19, when she hosted of a teenage talk show. Since then, Msalame has done numerous in the media world, the most recent being Kiss TV presenter.

Ms Msalame has been featured in a recent Top 40 under 40 list for her many achievements.

However, early 2016 Msalame decided to put her brand ambassador engagements and her job on hold. However, her absence from the limelight did not go without notice and caused quite a stir. So why did Grace quit the screens yet she enjoyed a huge fan base?

Grace says that having clocked 30, she needs to explore more business-wise – and that, she says, would not be fully possible within employment setting.

Besides that, Grace feels that she has a higher calling. A staunch Christian, she believes that her work should be aligned to the ministry and has thrown her whole weight to that course. She runs a blog where she narrates her Christian journey and posts inspiration to her followers.

Grace says that her journey in Christianity hasn’t been at all easy and she has had come to overcome great pitfalls and rise above them. These incidents form the basis for the inspiration for her blog.

Currently, Grace has partnered with an NGO Practical Action. Together they work to provide communities with solutions for energy problems, especially women to whom the brunt of energy soliciting rests on.


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