Grace Msalame: I have never been married!


Media personality Grace Msalame has said she has never been married.

In a recent Instagram post, Msalame refuted earlier reports by a section of the media that she and her ex-partner, Paul Ndichu, were married and later divorced.

In the same post, Msalame said she has always been a single mum and that she does not know the genesis of the marriage reports.

Msalame reveals that having children in her mid-twenties made her feel kind of ashamed, given her childhood orientation.

Msalame says she, later on, came to terms with the reality of a being a single mother.

She wrote: “Three facts about me: I have never been married; I have always been a single mom; God still called me. I have no idea where the marriage story came from. I am glad I finally know that to be a Christian doesn’t mean perfection but participation!”

Paul Ndichu, Grace Msalame’s baby-daddy, last month tied the knot with the love of his life, Evalyn Momanyi, in a star-studded ceremony. Msalame and Ndichu’s twin daughters were flower girls at the high profile ceremony.

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Perhaps the most interesting highlight about Ndichu’s wedding to Momanyi was the fact that Msalame claimed she was okay with it – and even wished the couple a happy marriage.

Msalame recently quit her high-profile job at Radio Africa to pursue personal projects.

While she has kept her current love life secret, Msalame recently admitted to seeing someone for a while now.

In the same post, Msalame urged her followers to stop the match-making, as that was something only Jesus could do well.



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