Governor Waititu and I can’t speak in English- Sonko admits

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has admitted that he and governor Waititu can’t speak in English.


His admission comes after months of trolling on social media from cheeky Kenyans.


The Governor has in times past been unable to speak  coherently at events  compared to his colleagues.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in a past photo. Photo: Mike Sonko/Facebook

Throughout his career as a politician, Sonko has resorted to using street lingo or Swahili in order to converse with the electorate.


Waititu on the other hand has been the butt-end of odd jokes ever since speculations on his academic  qualifications arose.

He is a graduate of the Punjab University in India although he recently graduated from the Kenya Methodist University with a masters degree in Business Administration, human resource management option.

At one point, while meeting white investors at his office, Waititu was seen trying to explain a concept using his hands.

Governor Waititu became an online meme sensation after it emerged that he was trying to explain himself using sign language. Muriuki

This was interpreted to mean that the governor was unable to put ideas across in the Queens language.


Finally, addressing the elephant in the room, Soko trolled himself via a social media post- he admitted that he and Waititu cannot  speak in proper English.


He compared their substandard  grammar  to that of the late Idi Amin.


Amin was a Ugandan dictator known for his broken English and the horrors he brought to the Ugandan people during his reign.


Of his English, Sonko wrote:

“This Guy used to speak good English than Governors Sonko and Waititu,” Sonko captioned a video of Amin.

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