Governor Munya moves to court to stop his arrest

Meru Governor Peter Munya PHOTO/STAR

Meru Governor Peter Munya has moved to court seeking to stop Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet from arresting him after failing to honour Senate summons to respond to audit queries.

The Senate Public Accounts and Investments Committee (PAIC) had written to IG Boinnet, asking him to arrest Munya and present him before the committee to respond to queries on the 2013-2014 financial year.

This was after the governor, for the third time, ignored committee summons to appear and instead sent a delegation from his office.

In a certificate of urgency filed at the Milimnai Law courts Thursday, Munya says that the arrest orders issued by senate are unconstitutional and malicious.

“It is malicious for the senate to seek information but later chase away the very people who would have provided the information sought,’’ Munya argues.

Munya says he sent a delegation to represent him but they were chased away by the senate committee who insisted that they were only interested in attendance by the governor himself.

In the documents filed in court, the Council of Governors Chair claims that it is only the cabinet secretary who may lawfully direct the IG to enforce the law against any person or investigate any offence thereby the senate issuing directions to IG to arrest the governor was acting maliciously.

The senate, Inspector General of Police and Director of Public Prosecution s have been named as respondents in the case.

The committee says that the governor ignored the summons and instead sent a delegation from his office.

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