Governor Kahiga reveals details not known to public about Gakuru killer Mercedes Benz


Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga on Tuesday, November 14 claimed that the Mercedes Benz which Dr. Wahome Gakuru was driving in, when he died in a tragic road accident at Kabati area in Murang’a County on November 7, was faulty.

Governor Kahiga made the revelation at the requiem mass of the late Wahome Gakuru held at the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Tuesday morning. He said: “Up to today, I keep asking anybody who bothers to listen: How did Wahome Gakuru find himself in the Mercedes Benz outside Nyeri, when we had agreed with him (not to drive in it) because it was faulty?”

Governor Kahiga, who was sworn into office on Monday, November 13, said the late Wahome Gakuru foreboded his death in the car.

“He had told me about the car being faulty three or four times. At one point, he said to me: ‘My brother, hii gari ndiyo itaniua (this car will cause my death one day).’ He had said that a thousand times. It was a faulty car,” added Mr Mutahi.

Governor Kahiga said the late Mr Gakuru had developed a habit of traveling in his private cars because the Mercedes Benz, which was assigned to him by the county government, was knackered.

“Many times, he used his own personal vehicles because he felt they were better and safer,” said Governor Kahiga, adding: “That is why in the budget, we have allocated funds which will go toward buying a governor’s car. As we are speaking now, there is no governor’s car. The vehicle I am using, I borrowed it from the department of finance,” he said.

The County Government of Nyeri has set aside Ksh13 million which will be used to purchase the governor’s official car.

The late Wahome Gakuru will be laid to rest on Saturday, November 18 at his Kirichu home in Nyeri County.


Mr Kahiga’s revelations come just five days after detectives probing the accident that claimed Gakuru’s life sought assistance from motor vehicle and road agencies in the investigation, the Business Daily reported.

A team of detectives from both the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and traffic police, leading the investigation, said they will rely on DT Dobie, tyre manufacturer Pirelli and the ministry of roads to inspect the late Gakuru’s car and the scene of the crash.

Car dealer DT Dobie is set to conduct an inspection of Mr Gakuru’s vehicle to establish if it was faulty at the time he got involved in the fatal crash. The firm will also establish when the Mercedes Benz car was last serviced.

Mutahi Kahiga revealed on November 7 that a car tyre burst caused the accident, which killed Wahome Gakuru, and left his bodyguard, personal assistant and driver nursing serious injuries.

Speaking then at the Lee Funeral Home, where Mr Gakuru’s body was moved, Mr Kahiga said following the tyre burst on the Kenol-Thika Highway, Mr Gakuru’s Mercedes Benz careened off the road and rammed into guard rails.


The vehicle, according to a police report, was fitted with Pirelli tyres. The company will thus analyse the car’s wheels to establish if there was a tyre burst during the accident.

Pirelli will establish whether the burst occurred before or after Gakuru’s car rammed into the guard rails at Kabati.

Police reports had indicated that the cause of the accident was a tyre burst.

The ministry of roads, on the other hand, will analyse the guard rails to establish if they had been properly fitted as well as their structural integrity.

(Additional reporting by Sammy Mbogo and Martin Munene in Nyeri County)


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