Governor, his deputy tear-gassed as demonstrations end in disarray



Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti and his deputy Hamilton Orata had to be whisked to safety on Friday afternoon, when anti-IEBC protests in Homa Bay town, led by the two leaders, ended in disarray when teargas canisters were thrown at them.

Other demonstrators ran away from scene of protest when the teargas effect proved too strong for them.

Awiti and Orata’s security team whisked the two leaders into waiting cars and sped off from the scene, where they (Awiti and Orata) were addressing journalists.

Awiti who, later, addressed the press, accused the police of using excessive force in breaking up the anti-IEBC protests.

The county chief further accused the police of throwing a teargas canister at his convoy, which resulted in him “choking”.

Awiti urged Homa Bay County Commissioner, Kassim Farrah, to rein in on security agencies within the county, when dealing with demonstrators.

The governor maintains anti-IEBC protests in the county, ordered by NASA leadership, will continue every Monday and Friday until the Commission’s CEO, Ezra Chiloba, vacates office.


Meanwhile, another protestor in Homa Bay town is nursing injuries at the St. Paul’s Mission Hospital after anti-riot police allegedly shot him with a rubber bullet during the anti-IEBC protests.

Emmanuel Konduto, 32, sustained injuries on his right thigh and the right knee, when anti-riot officers clashed with protestors at Sofia estate in Homa Bay.

Konduto, a bodaboda operator in Homa Bay town was rescued and rushed to hospital by an ODM youth leader in Homa Bay. The victim had been abandoned to fate on the roadside after the shooting.

Homa Bay County Police Commander, Marius Tum, said his officers resorted to using rubber bullets on protestors, when they (protestors) began provoking the police by throwing stones at them and being uncontrollable.




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