Gospel singer Hopekid reveals his plans for his girlfriend

Celebrated gospel musician Hopekid has revealed the plans he has for his lovely girlfriend, Yvonne Orio – to engage her in the next two years.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, the Live UP hit-maker revealed his girlfriend, a fashion designer cum model, plays a crucial role in supporting his music, business ventures and the running of his daily projects.

“She is a big support and plays a big role in what I do. She does the ground work in most of my projects since many times I am committed.”

HK did not shy away from sharing the details about Yvonne.

“She is a fashion designer, just like me: we both run a blog (Yvonnesa); I do the designing, she does the modeling and marketing; at times, I too display HK wear.”

“We have been dating for three years now,” he revealed.

On the plans he has for his lady, Hopekid said: “I will engage her. Let’s say in the next two years she will have my ring. I am that person who does a thing first and then talk about it later. If it (engagement) happens, I will inform people about it.”

Hopekid’s project with Children’s Home kids

The singer also revealed he is currently working closely with children from Orbit Village Home in recording a new hit, ‘Every Way.’

He said the desire to help the kids be independent by making use of their God-given ability is what drove him to feature them in his new jam.

“I was invited to the orphanage recently and I noticed some of the children have extraordinary talent. People visit them and promise to help them nurture their talents but later on fail to do so,” he lamented.

“So I decided to feature the kids in my song because I wanted to give them something which would help them earn a living.”

How did he settle on the ones he chose?

“After hunting for talent, I picked a choir of girls and two boys who are talented in rapping. We then recorded a collabo for the hit ‘Every Way’.”

Hopekid added he would be touring the country with the kids in a project known as The Route to help the children get publicity and also give them a platform to launch their songs.

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