Gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat hits gym after fat-shaming

Gospel sensation David Kilonzo, popularly known as DK Kwenye Beat, has finally kept his word to check his weight following criticism from Kenyans.

A section of Kenyans had barraged the singer with fat-shaming, raising concerns about his weight and asking if he was really doing something about it.

Singer DK Kwenye Beat has constantly been fat-shamed on social media following his weight gain. Pgoto: Instagram/DKKwenye Beat

DK Kwenye Beat was forced to respond, saying he was concerned with the the weight and promised to do something about it.

“I am not comfortable with my weight and the most annoying question people keep on asking me is, why are you fat? Most of the people who ask me this are not genuine. However, some are concerned about my health. I have started my weight loss programme, which entails a healthy meal plan and a workout plan,” the singer said in mid January.

And just to prove his was not hot air, DK Kwenye Beat has shared, through Instagram, his moments in the gym, burning calories.


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The singer can be seen getting instructions from his trainer, sweating profusely as he struggles to lift weight and practice sit ups.

Kwenye Beat is currently flying high with a new song, Kijana wa Kayole, which depicts his life in Kayole.

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