Gospel singer Bahati Bukuku finally reveals why her marriage hit rock bottom


Veteran Tanzanian gospel singer Bahati Bukuku has revealed she is divorced.

Bahati Bukuku says marital problems were too much to bear leading to separation from her then-husband.

Bahati Bukuku says her song Dunia Haina Huruma (human beings can get hostile) was not completely inspired by her marital life – but admits some elements of it shaped the composition.

Until her clarification, speculations were rife that the song mirrored what happened in her life, sparking debate on social media platforms, with sections divided whether the song was a consequence of pure art or real-life experience.

In the song Dunia Haina Huruma Bahati Bukuku addresses challenges women, especially those married, go through, using self as main cast in the music video.

Bahati Bukuku plays the role of a woman who struggled to raise money to offset a huge medical bill that had accrued at a hospital following her husband’s hospitalisation. Still unable to raise the full amount of money needed, the doctor who was attending to her husband asked for sexual favours from her to offset the balance.

Left with no other option, Bahati Bukuku agreed to sleep with him, and her husband secured discharge from hospital.

When Bahati Bukuku confessed to her husband that she had given in to the doctor’s sexual demands, to secure his discharge, her husband got angry and left her.

Appearing as guest on EATV’s Kikaango Show recently, Bahati Bukuku was asked if the narration in her song was inspired by real-life experience, she said ‘somehow’.

“My now ex-husband did not do such a thing (leave her following her confession). Though there’s a part of the song which was drawn from my real-life experience. Irreconcilable differences was the premise for our divorce. I cannot lie about a man who was my husband, even if I author a book, I will always say I was married before but the union did not work out,” Bahati Bukuku said.

The Heshima ya Dhahabu singer avoided revealing whether she and her ex-husband were blessed with kids.

“I don’t want to speak much about my children. Though, I have many of them. When asked about my marriage, I rarely speak about my children,” she said.

Gospel artistes are not saints

Bahati Bukuku defended fellow gospel artistes who have had rough times in marriage – and also those divorced, saying many partners expect an angel out of a gospel singer or Christian minister, forgetting that the people in ministry are not perfect either.

“Many partners think once you marry a minister, then you’ll have an angel for the rest of your life. When things get rough, they realise that their partners in ministry are not perfect – and it is at that point disappointed partners contemplate divorce. We, in ministry, are human beings too,” said Bahati Bukuku.

Of death rumours

In December 2016, Bahati Bukuku had to deal with false online reports which claimed that she had died in a grisly road accident.

Bahati Bukuku said the false reports were crafted to ruin her reputation and consequently reduce her fan base.

“It is only God who knows when I will die. Those people who are publishing the false reports believe that they would ruin my reputation and consequently reduce the number of people who appreciate my work. The devil’s plan won’t succeed,” Bahati Bukuku said on December 13, 2016 in an interview with EA Radio.

Bahati Bukuku said she had reported the matter to the authorities, who promised to launch investigations to weed out and charge in court the source of the false death report.

Bahati Bukuku’s popular songs include: Dunia Haina Huruma, Heshima ya Dhahabu, Majaribu among others.




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