Goodness! Amount of money Mayweather, McGregor will make after super fight


Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather prepare for their extraordinary fight this Saturday night.

The big question is: What is at stake? There is a belt on the line, though it’s more of a souvenir than a symbol of accomplishment.

Both men will be paid handsomely (around Ksh21.7 billion for Floyd Mayweather and Ksh7.7 billion for Conor McGregor).

The total revenue for the bout could be as high as Ksh72.3 billion.

According to Forbes the fight will be viewed by an estimated 50 million people.

Pundits predict Mayweather will dismantle McGregor. The only real question is whether or not he’ll finish him. They say: Yes, and it will happen inside six rounds.


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