Goalkeeper arrested after conceding 43 goals in a game


German goalkeeper Marco Kwiotek has been arrested by police at football training five days after his side suffered an extremely humiliating 43-0 defeat, says The Sun.

Kwiotek’s SV Volderort team were beaten by local rivals PSV Oberhausen in the lower reaches of German club football. The score at half time was 35-0.

PSV Oberhausen felt so bad about the situation that they took off three of their own players just to even up the numbers.

The Sun reports before Kwiotek was marched away from the club’s base in Bottrop, western Germany he said: “The result of the last match was hard to take. I don’t want to see that happen again.”

He has not been seen since and police have refused to comment on why he was taken into custody.

SV Vonderort’s trainer Yvonne Liesenfeld commented: “I don’t know what is going on with the police. First he lets in 43 goals and then he gets taken away by the law.”

The club’s managing director, Christian Schröer told stuff.co.nz: “We are in the dark. The police won’t tell us what happened and we cannot reach Marco on his mobile. Hopefully he will be back for the next game.”


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