Go ahead and sponsor Wasafi concert, Diamond tells Alikiba


Diamond Platnumz says he is ready to have Alikiba’s energy drink brand, Mofaya, as one of the official sponsors of his [Diamond’s] Wasafi Festival slated to begin on November 24 in Tanzania.

Diamond’s statement comes after Alikiba said he was not available to perform alongside the “Sikomi” star due to business commitments, but he [Alikiba] was willing to sponsor the event.

On November 5, Diamond Platnumz invited Alikiba, who is deemed to be his longtime musical foe, for a concert organised by WCB.

Diamond reached out to Kiba when he was launching Wasafi FM at the firm’s headquarters in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam.

“Wasafi Festival will be for all the Tanzanian artistes and community. We want to ensure that any musician willing to work with us ahead of and on the day of the concert is given the opportunity. We’ll really be happy to have Alikiba on board. The event will be purely a Tanzanian affair,” said Diamond Platnumz.

“We wish to show people outside Tanzania that our music industry has come of age. We want to send that message to our colleagues in Europe, the US, and Nigeria. I will be elated to have Alikiba as part of the performers on that day,” said Diamond.

And taking to his Instagram page a day later, Alikiba responded to Diamond’s request, saying: “After a long time of exercising patience, I will soon announce to you the price and where to find a new product I am introducing into the market known as Mofaya energy drink,” said Alikiba.

“Wasafi, we have received your request. I am grateful for your invitation, though I won’t be able to join you on your tour due to the current engagements I’m having as I plan to launch Mofaya energy drink in other countries.

“Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that we’re completely out of the deal. We are ready to support you by sponsoring your event through Mofaya energy drink. I’d love to take our music industry to the next level through such partnerships. My management at Rockstar Entertainment will continue engaging you so that we actualise on this big project,” said Alikiba.

And taking to Instagram to respond to Kiba’s statement, Diamond said: “That is granted, Alikiba. [My manager] Sallam Sharaff is consulting your manager, Seven Mosha.”

Diamond Platnumz says Wasafi Festival, penciled in for November 24, will incorporate talent search, road shows and tours of different parts in Tanzania, including Mtwara, Iringa, Morogoro, among other places.

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