Gloves up: Soulja Boy versus Chris Brown

History comes knocking at Chris Brown’s door, eight years later after being charged with serious assaults in 2009 against musician Rihanna, who was his then-girlfriend. Rihanna has an avenger, Soulja Boy. The ‘Crank that’ musician is up in all arms to fight Chris Brown in a boxing match scheduled for March 2017.

According to Billboard News, Two weeks into 2017, the beef between the two musicians began when Soulja Boy said Chris brown allegedly threatened him for liking his ex Karrueche’s photo on Instagram, the brawl continued until the ‘Party’ singer issued a challenge to settle the score in the boxing ring. He requested that the two fight for three rounds, instead of going back and forth on social media.

“This is for Rihanna”, Soulja Boy said, apparently the ‘crank that’ musician is going to be fighting for Rihanna during this match. This is going to be a match to look forward to considering each musician is being personally trained by renowned boxers. Chris Brown is being trained by Michael Tyson and he says he is going to teach Chris Brown every dirty trick there is in the book to win his opponent while Soulja Boy is going to be trained by Floyd Mayweather who has practically won every boxing match he took part in all his boxing life.

50 Cent, who saw an opportunity to stream revenue, decided to promote the boxing match between the two and quickly suggested, Floyd Mayweather’s boxing company, Mayweather Promotions, set up the fight. 50 sided with Brown, placed a $100,000 (KSh10.4 million) bet that he would walk out victorious.

Although the two musicians are going to be involved in a bloodbath, they still want their fans to know that they are good friends and will shake hands and keep it moving once it is over.

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