Gloria Muliro’s ex-husband to remarry; gives conflicting signals about his relationship with Gloria


Gloria Muliro’s estranged husband Pastor Eric Omba has hinted being in the final stages of plans to tie the knot again, indirectly revealing the woman to be one Bella Dee.

The pastor, who two years ago acrimoniously split from Gloria Muliro, did not, however, rule out a possibility of a reunion with his estranged wife, leaving his followers confused.

In a candid Q and A session with his followers on Facebook Thursday, Pastor Omba revealed that Gloria Muliro, despite not living with him, was “still his”.

A user namely Kisii Rap General asked: “Gloria Muliro bado ni wako (Is Gloria Muliro your love – still)?”

Omba responded: “Yes, she is still mine.” On the same thread another user Njeri Peterson inquired: “Can you reconcile with her?” Omba said: “Yes it is possible; nothing is impossible.”

Kisii Rap General wasn’t convinced by Omba’s response, and retorted: “You lost a good woman. Imagine all that beauty! If I was older, trust you me you wouldn’t have even met Gloria. Only age disadvantaged me.”

Pastor Omba replied: “Take it easy. We are sharing in love not fighting for the past. Relax and don’t personalise issues which is not yours. Everyone will carry his or her own cross.”

This reply by Omba impressed one Oti-Benz Moses, who said: “Eric Omba I can read your intelligence from your responses. Everyone ought to know that there are obstacles in life, and no one is immune.”

Another user Abby Njer, who is Omba’s friend, faulted those who questioned Omba along personal lines, inquiring who gave them moral right to judge Pastor Omba.

“Who gave people the permission to judge? Can’t they see you (Omba) are happy that way and to those who are asking where Gloria is, Gloria Muliro is her Facebook name you can ask her where she is if you need her.

“That is the problem of Gloria and Eric and if they want to solve it they will without anyone’s help. Let me ask, when they started their relationship, were you there?” posed Abby, giving away the name of Omba’s new woman. “All the best with Bella Dee… No one should judge you. Just God,” said Abby.

Pastor Omba in an earlier thread had told one Anne Maina that he will marry soon, after she inquired.

“(I haven’t remarried), but very soon I will. Bella Dee is around,” he said.

His revelation – that he will remarry – comes one-and-a-half years after he vowed not to tie the knot again following the messy split with Gloria Muliro.

Details of the couple’s breakup were splattered on tabloid headlines after the Sitolia singer revealed to The Nairobian that Omba had cheated on her and embezzled her cash.

Just as rumors about the couple had simmered down, Omba changed his Facebook relationship status to ‘single’ causing bloggers to speculate on what caused the change.

In retaliation, the pastor took to Facebook to refute claims that he had found another woman to marry.

“My first lover has taken all my love. There’s not even a single shred of love left with me to give to another woman,” added Eric.

He also bashed bloggers whom he claimed were ‘speculating and spreading rumours’ about his private life.

“People should stop speculating and spreading rumours especially some bloggers whom I don’t even know. Why do people judge someone the way they want instead of getting the right information from the owner?” posed Omba.

The pastor, who doubles as a video editor at Spotlight Media, claimed his haters are ‘pouring money’ to sully his name.

“Those who are paying money to spoil my reputation so that they can achieve their desire, God is dealing with you again,” he warned.

In the past, Omba had aired his marital issues on social media. After The Nairobian published the story about their split, the pastor apologised to Muliro on Facebook.

“I am sorry for the pain I may have caused my wife and plead with her to forgive me… I pray for a chance to meet her and solve our issues directly with the help of our family members,” read one of Omba’s reconciliatory posts in January.

Gloria Muliro was married to the pastor for just one year before they separated. She moved out of their marital home, and kept off further discussions about their failed union.

In October, 2015 Gloria Muliro said in an interview on KTN’s Tukuza Show that she had moved on and found peace.

“I am moving on with my life and the past is just that. The past,” said Gloria Muliro when she was asked about rumours that she and her Omba were getting back together.

“One of the things I appreciate and will never take for granted is peace. One time, I remember asking to understand how peace feels like. I was lost, but God found me and I have collected myself. The person you are looking at now is very different now,” she said.


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