Gloria Muliro: I am happier without my ex-Husband Eric Omba

After 10 months of shying away from commenting on the acrimonious break up from her estranged husband, gospel bigwig Gloria Muliro has finally opened up about it.

The award-winning songstress, who married Pastor Eric Omba Miko in a colourful 2009 wedding, said that she has moved on and is very happy.

Sadly, the couple split in early 2015 amid claims of infidelity in Omba’s part.

Speaking on KTN’s Sunday programme, Tukuza, Gloria said she has finally found peace.

Recounting her days in marriage, she told: “I remember one time when I prayed and asked God to remind me what peace feels like. For me having this peace, having the joy of the Lord and finding myself is enough. I had totally lost myself. I have found and collected myself back together.”

The upbeat singer admitted her marriage to Omba, which was marred with alleged mistreatment, taught her a lot of lessons.

“It has been a challenge and a learning process. I have learnt a lot of lessons! One of the things that I appreciate and never take for granted is peace,” she said, adding: “In this life, people pass through a lot! All in all, God is good – you can see his manifestation in me.”

Gloria Muliro further disclosed before throwing in the towel and opting out, she had completely dedicated her energies and concentration in saving the marriage.

“For me as woman and wife; I was dedicated and determined to make it (marriage) work. I am not saying I tried my best; I did my all best!”

However, she said she was hurting.

“It wasn’t easy. Maybe someone might ask the question – why did I have to stay in for five years going through all that?”

“A lot of people may not understand, a lot of people may criticise – they have no idea. The few people in my circle, who really know and have the finer details, will tell you exactly,” she told.

Revamped, re-energised and full of promise, Gloria  revealed she is happier.

“The person you are looking at now is unmasked. God’s yes in your life is not a fake yes!”

Gloria did not relent to share a word of advice to individuals who could be facing challenges akin to the ones she went through.

“For anyone who is going through a situation and feels like he is losing hope or things are not working out, try God. When you have favour with God, you have it.”

She advised: “For anyone who prays and depends on God, when He answers, He comes in His own way. With me He came in the way that He wanted because I had been on my knees.”

What next for Gloria after Omba?

“I am moving on with my life, and the past is just that – the past! I am happy; very happy,” she affirmed.

Gloria Muliro is currently riding high with the new hit, Sijafika, which she has featured top gospel acts – Kambua, Size 8 and Willy Paul.

About the song, she told: “The truth is Sijafika. Anyone who is under the sun is on a journey, until tunyakuliwe. A lot of people might look at celebrities who are in the limelight and think tumefika; we are not yet there.”

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