Giving up? Ivan, King Lawrence appreciate Diamond’s talent

Despite their ongoing beef about Baby Tiffah’s paternity, Zari’s ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga and his cousin King Lawrence could not hide their appreciation of Diamond’s musical talent.

The two Rich Gang Crew members were recently on a road trip and they shared their journey highlights.

What stood out is the video of them singing along to Platnumz’s Nitampata Wapi hit which was blaring from their car music system.

Ivan revealed that Zari Hassan’s brother gifted them with Diamond’s album.

The music thrilled them so much that they considered hiring Diamond as the chief artiste in one of their Rich Gang Crew parties.

Ivan wrote on his official Instagram: “I’m thinking of inviting this boy (Diamond) to sing for us this song (Ntampata Wapi) for our Rich Gang Party.”

This post elicited a series of comments from followers who termed Ivan and King as pretenders – hating Diamond on public forum, but secretly appreciating his talent.

Dafdee: Oh, it is nice they recognise Diamond’s talent; all through I thought they detested him.

Nirah_Masoud11: Diamond has surely tamed these two.

Thessalosians: I now do understand the meaning of: If you can’t beat them, join them.

However, some argued that King was mocking Diamond by referring to him as a ‘boy’.

This comes just after King Lawrence allegedly filed a suit against Zari demanding three DNA tests to be conducted on little Tiffah claiming he or Ivan could be the baby’s biological father.

In response to the allegations, Diamond divulged that no court has issued him with an order to have little Tiffah’s paternity conducted.

Below is King’s message:

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