Give us back our Ksh2 M, group tells Naija star Davido

Celebrated Nigerian singer, Davido, has landed himself in trouble again, this time for snubbing an event that he had already received payment for, Naij reports.

The Aye  singer was allegedly paid seven million Naira (Ksh2, 049, 698) to perform at The Festival of India Concert on August 13 in Lagos, but he was a no-show.

Speaking to Nigerian entertainment outlet Naij, event organizer Bolaji Rosiji said the singer got in touch with them on the eve of the concert, saying he could not attend the show because he was unwell.

Rosiji said his team has asked the flashy singer to refund the Ksh2 million performance fee in full.

Davido’s management is yet to release a statement on the matter, but refunding the cash should not be an issue for the wealthy singer.

In addition to cash generated from his wildly successful musical career, Davido hails from one of Nigeria’s wealthiest families: the Adelekes.

This latest incident adds to the singer’s bad repute, as he has severally skipped scheduled performances or given fans a raw deal when he showed up.

In 2015, the afrobeat singer disappointed Kenyan fans terribly when he arrived hours late for his concert, giving a half-hearted 25-minute playback performance.

Revelers took to social media to vent their frustrations, with many saying the hefty Ksh8,000 ticket was a complete rip-off.

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