Gigy Money: Yes, I don’t wear panties!

Tanzanian video vixen Gigy Money has admitted that she doesn’t like to wear panties, after sections of her countrymen took to social media to accuse her of having a penchant for ‘going commando’.

She recently told Tanzanian website that she only wears knickers when she is sure she won’t have to wear clothes on.

“I don’t like to wear panties under clothes. I would rather wear them without clothes on. Panties spoil the good looks of a woman’s behind. Furthermore panties’ prices are going up every day,” she said.

The controversial video vixen dated compatriot Ali Kiba in the past; and she said no man in her life spent a lot of money on her – willingly – like Ali Kiba did.

“When I was dating him (Ali Kiba), there is something I was getting from the relationship. I wasn’t just dating him for the sake of it. To be honest, he is the only man who spent money on me without worrying he’d hit a financial crunch.”

She said Ali Kiba has never approached her to request her to feature in his music videos because of their history as a couple.




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